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kelly_fans's Journal

kelly clarkson fans
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Welcome to kelly_fans.

I'm hoping most of you know the basic rules of communities. I'll go through a few of the specifics.

1. Enough of the name calling. If a fight breaks out I will personally ban anyone involved. If you talk smack about Kelly, um buh bye you are so gone.

2. Please do not post more than twice a day. If you post three times, I'm not going to go nutzo and ban you but just keep in mind people are going to have this community on their friends page and that many posts from one person alone gets annoying real fast.

3. All pictures must be cut-tagged. That's regular pictures, icons, etc. If you want to post a picture as an example and then cut-tag the rest, that's fine. Just make sure the example picture isn't huge. Try to make it smaller so that everyone's friends page doesn't go all out of whack. This goes the same for posting lyrics. (Lyrics posted must be Kelly lyrics.)

4. Have fun, kids.

This community is maintained by Ryan (overrated). If you have any questions or comments, ask him.