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Music Icons

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5x Adam Lambert
4x Ashlee Simpson
4x Avril Lavigne
4x Beyonce
4x BoA
27x Britney Spears (including HIAM)
27x Christina Aguilera
5x Gwen Stefani
30x Katy Perry (including E.T)
9x Kesha
23x Lady Gaga
20x Michael Jackson
5x Miley Cyrus
12x Rihanna
7x Robyn
54x Misc Musicians (including Adele, Jessie J, Nicole Scherzinger, Sky Ferreira, Madonna, Leona Lewis, Delta Goodrem, Coldplay, Courtney Love, Pink, Prince, Sugababes, Spice Girls, Jewel, Mandy Moore, 30 Seconds to Mars, Jessica Simpson, Shakira, David Cook, The Saturdays, Annie, Shirley Manson, Tokio Hotel, Janet Jackson, Gorillaz, Pixie Lott, Sia, Eminem, Kelis, Nikki Minaj, Beth Ditto, Girls Aloud, Willow Smith, Kylie Minogue)

( X )

Check out the rest of my icons at Meticulous Chaos.

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